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Start reaching new customers en Español.

Take your brand to a whole new level, reaching a huge community ready to receive your products or services, expanding your business growth to millions of Hispanic consumers.

Did you know?

There are more than 60 million Hispanics living in the US, yet there is little information about Cannabis available in Spanish.

That’s why we created CannaFamilia, an educational initiative designed to inform and educate Hispanic communities about the benefits of medicinal cannabis to break the stigma and create new patients for cannabis brands.

A World of Opportunity

The total economic output of U.S. Latinos reached $2.7 trillion in 2019 and is growing and would be tied for the seventh-largest GDP in the world if U.S. Latinos were an independent country. The GDP growth from 2010 to 2019 for U.S. Latinos outpaced Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

That means this market is available and we want to help you reach them.

Trouble Reaching Hispanic Audiences? Here's why:

Language and culture matter. Ads in Spanish are more relevant, understood, and responded to…

Join the Family and Engage Our Captive Audience

We’ve created interactive shows featuring Spanish Speaking Cannabis doctors, patients, advocates, and chefs. provides a safe platform specifically targeted to this untapped audience thirsty for information and the need for cultural connection.

Cannabis Infused Recipes

Blogs and Resources

Interactive Shows

We've Already Done the Work

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of how to start the patient journey in Español, making it easy for our audiences to get started and start buying.

Loyalty from the lucrative Hispanic market and buying power is “earned” along with “trust” when your sincere marketing efforts are consistent all year long.   

Start Reaching New Patients

Our captive audience is ready, are you? We want to help you engage and welcome potential clients early in their patient journey and elevate your brand.

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